Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Your initial consultation will help you decide if cosmetic surgery is for you. A good candidate for cosmetic surgery is one who understands the procedure, is realistic about the expectations and risks for the surgery, and is motivated primarily to please oneself. In addition, good candidates are willing to tolerate unavoidable inconveniences such as healing time and to temporarily refrain from smoking and some medications that impede healing.

Before making an appointment to see a physician about cosmetic surgery, take some time to think about the specific attributes accounting for your dissatisfaction with your appearance. Then, discuss your concerns at your doctor's appointment. Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate therapy to address your personal needs.

Many characteristics can be successfully altered through surgical techniques; others cannot. Your physician will help you understand what you can realistically expect if you choose surgery. Examine the benefits and limitations that cosmetic surgery procedures offer and weigh the options carefully before making a decision to proceed.


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